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What Is The Best Solar Charging Power Bank

Obviously, as a portable power supply gadget, power bank becomes more and more popular; we can say nobody do not like it unless there is no smart phone or other mobile devices in the world, which is impossible at all. But, today we would like to discuss solar charging power bank, one kind of great power bank, it is not only charged by electricity, but also can be charged by sunlight. It will be very convenience for the people who like outdoor sports.

However, as you may know, nearly all solar power banks in the market are not good as they claimed; it just is a promotional stunt to attract customer’s eyes. As reported, the solar power banks randomly selected can only be full charged in 30 hours even more if everything goes smoothly, instead of 4~8 hours claimed by sellers. How can we use it in case of emergency? Should we wait for more than 30 hours? Definitely nobody can accept it.

So, what is a qualified solar charging power bank? Generally speaking, we are considering of three factors as follows:

● Battery – Grade A or Samsung are the best and most expensive, you will get what you pay for.

● Solar Panel – The crucial component, sophisticated solar controllers give reliable constant power in sunlight. Single silicon PET laminate solar panel is the best choice at this stage, which can trickle charge built-in battery to enough power from sunlight with an acceptable time.

● Circuit Board – MCU for system control, Voltage Regulator IC for charge by electricity and discharge and Solar Charge Management IC (MPPT) for charge by solar battery protection IC for safety.

As mentioned above, once you fully understand these key points, there will be no more mysteries on solar power bank. You can now go on long trips and your mobile phone will never run out of power, due to solar energy is almost everywhere. Anytime, please choose correct product is the only one we want to warn.

X-ETEC XP7048 is a great candidate for those looking for perfect solar power source, which enjoyed high reputation and received plenty of orders from worldwide since it is launched. With a range of 5000mah to 15000mah lithium polymer battery pack and two USB ports, it can charge multiple devices without issue. The reasonable size of 155 x 140 x 14mm also means this solar power bank is good for anyone who is lacking in space but packing on electronics and gadgets.

In order to make you a better understanding of this solar power bank, we have set up a video on Youtube for function displaying. Anyone interested in, please have a look at your available time. Or you can directly contact us to place a trial order. A big surprise is here for you.

Thanks for all your concerning, we will discuss “How Many Times Can a 10000mah Power Bank Charge an iPhone X” next time. We also warmly welcome your inquiries or questions on relative products, of which we will select and give you answers by article or other ways.


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