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What Does X-ETEC Mean?

Consumer Electronics and Gadgets One Stop Solution in China

X-ETEC, is our company, is our brand, and is gathering our core value, which also represents our promises to clients. Relying on continuous innovation and improvement, supplying high quality and creative electronics and gadgets.

X, it is not a simple letter here, but an indefinable factor that leads to incredible powers. It means potential, mystery, which promotes our team to discover its true greatness. True, success is desirable, but it needs our unremitting effort with passion, never belongs to those who are waiting. X, that is the deal.

Obviously, E stands for our business, which specializing in electronics and gadgets. Get reasonable price and qualified wireless power bank, wireless charger, promotional power bank, fast charging power bank, TWS earbuds, and smart phone accessories etc in here.

TEC, means technology. With over 10 years experiences, our strongly R&D team always keep finger on the pulse of trends, fully understand client’s ideas and needs, and develop a range of widely acclaimed products. We believe that science and technology constitute a primary productive force, willing to quickly and accurately come to grip with this objective trend.

X-ETEC, brings magic power to development of consumer electronics and gadgets. Come; Let us witness the miracles together!


Contact: Randy Long

Phone: 86 13670031794

Tel: 86 755 23212956

Email: randy@x-etec.com

Add: 5th Floor, Building 25, Fenghuang Garden, Fuyong, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. 518103

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