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Never Buy Power Bank Before You Know This

Lightning Port 10000mah Aluminium Power Bank

Some days ago, one of our customers asked why our power bank is expensive than others, therefore we wrote this article to tell him what is a true power bank and what it costs for. Now, we are sharing this with all people who want to know & buy power bank.

Normally, a power bank included three parts:-

1. Housing.

2. Battery.

3. IC & PCB Board.

Housing, it likes a box to cover/protect battery and IC & PCB board inside, which also can present a stylish appereance and print logo to buyers.  It is usually made from plastic and metal, although there are thounds of designs, it is not a functional part for a power bank.  Just depends on clients are prefered what design and material, but all these based on manufacturers are willing to choose qualified raw materials.

Battery, is divided into two lines, i,e, cylinder lithium-iron battery, lithium polymer battery. Generally speaking, the former one has a fixed shape & capacity (the most popular is 18650 & 26650) , and it is heavier than li-polymer battery, which is widely used for low capacity promotional power bank (below 3000mah) and other electronic products, such as e-cigarette. If someone wants to use lithium-iron battery to produce a large capacity power bank, he has to use several lithium-iron battery together, such as 6pcs, 8pcs; that will result of a big and heavy product at last, it is not easy to carry.

However, this problem will be avoided perfectly by using of lithium polymer battery, as it can be produced various sizes and capacities. That means it is nearly suitable for all models in market, especially for ultra-thin and large capacity power banks. Size is smaller, and more options in housing selection.  Furthermore, the performance of lithium polymer battery is more better than cylinder lithium-iron battery, it has a 10% higer efficiency for same capacity, and it will not be exploded in case in emergency, just bulging. In other word, it is more safety than lithium-iron battery.  If you have interests to get more, you can also search by google.

The last is IC & PCB board, if we say the battery decides the capacity of power bank, then PCB board decides what capacity you can use. There are also many choices in market, but a quality PCB board must meet below standards to protect battery and get good using experience for clients.

a. Over current protection;

b. Over charge and discharge protection;

c. Short circuit protection;

d. Over temperature protection,

e. Over load protection;

f.  Over voltage protection;

g. Critical voltage protection; and

h. Explosive protection.

In addition, PCB board must maintain stable voltage and has a good conversation rate ( 70% or above).  Just a reminder, do not believe anyone who tell you their power bank has a conversation of 90%~100%, it is impossible at this time, nobody can do it.  Voltage for power bank is 3.7V, mobile phones and other devices mostly is 5V, how can they say converstion rate is 100%, and how is the wasting electricity during transmission.

OK, we think you know more about power bank when you read to this. Now, we will show you some cases why some people always can supply power bank at a incredible low price. Please note that we are not targeting anyone, we just present some cases as below for your reference, whatever you buy from us, or buy from others, only wish you can get qualified product.  China needs more honest and respected businessman to promote our products, to improve our product impression and status in the world.

a. Use second hand or recycled battery to reduce battery cost;

b. Use upgrade battery to reduce battery cost, that is why a called 10000mah power bank only can charge your mobile phone one time or less;

c. Mixed quality and fake battery to a power bank, fake battery means an empty battery, but put something such as sands or cement into it to maintain same weight as real battery;

d. Use substandard IC & PCB board, as mentioned above, each protection measure has its cost, if give up some measures or cut the corner, risks will up but cost will down;

e. Mixed all or some methods mentioned above.

At the end of this article, we will introduce our new lightning port 10000mah aluminium power bank, it is a lithium polymer battery constructed power bank with both lightning and micro input (5V/1A/2.1A), which means you can only take one lighting cable to charge your IPhone and power bank. Meanwhile, it also maintained the micro usb port for other smart phones.  If you are interested in, please call us soon.


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