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How Many Times Can a 10000mah Power Bank Charge an iPhone X

How Many Times Can a 10000mah Power Bank Charge an iPhone X

According to our serious investigation in market, many people thought it is a very complicated question to answer. Indeed, not every one can fully understand what factors will influence your power bank when charging the devices. But we hopefully the information given here will be useful, which can supply some tips to people interested in.

Generally speaking, the exact times a 10000mah power bank can fully charge your iPhone X is closely related to the following 3 primary factors.

1. Energy Conservative Rule – voltage upgrade from 3.7v to 5v.

Usually voltage of lithium battery in power bank is about 3.7v, but 5v voltage is required when it charges your iPhone X. As per the conservation principle, the battery reaches the device should be 10000mah * 3.7v/5v = 7400mah. Below diagram clearly shows this process.

How Many Times Can a 10000mah Power Bank Charge an iPhone X

2. Extra Power Consumption.

Undoubtedly, there must be some other factors that cause further power wasting, i.e. internal resistance of power bank and devices, heating from power bank and devices etc. All of these will eat into a certain proportion of energy. In general, the extra power consumption is about 15% for a qualified power bank with grade A lithium battery. So, the final power reaches the devices will be 10000mah * 3.7v/5v * (1 – 15%) = 6290mah. Similarly, a chart as follows for your reference.

How Many Times Can a 10000mah Power Bank Charge an iPhone X

3. Lithium Battery Charge Circle.

Thousands of 10000mah portable power bank reviews show us li-polymer battery cells in power bank can charge iPhone better. But compared with our research, we realized different types of battery cells will lead to entirely different performances. Obviously, it is very important for consumers to choose a good quality power bank. For example, X-ETEC 10000mah LCD screen power bank, made up of A+ li-polymer battery cell, which can still serve an iPhone well after over 300 charging circles.

Then, how many times it can charge an iPhone X? As per Apple’s press conference in September, we know that iPhone X comes with a 2716mah capacity battery. Therefore, 10000mah power bank can charge an iPhone X about 2.3 times (6290mah/2716mah).

Be smart! Battery capacity of power bank does not equal to chargeable capacity to the devices. Next time, please take this article to somebody who tells you 10000mah power bank can charge your iPhone X 3.7 times (10000mah/2716mah).


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