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How Can You Identify a Good Quality Power Bank

How Can You Identify a Good Quality Power Bank

Undoubtedly, every people realized power bank plays a very important role in daily life, as battery in electronic device goes dead every now and then. So, it is necessary to get a power bank, but many people really confused how they can identify a good quality power bank.

Today, we will show you all key factors from the perspective of quality inspection. We are sure no wholesalers or retailers can teach you this, as they probably do not know. X-ETEC Electronics, as a reliable enterprise and excellent partner for customers, we are definitely sharing these key points from three aspects.

1. Product Appearance

a. If there is glue marks on power bank;

b. If there is dusts on power bank;

c. If there is dirts on power bank;

d. If there is scratches on power bank;

e. If there is poor finish on power bank;

f. If there is correct paintings or electroplating on power bank;

2. Product Parts: Usually it covers plastic parts and metal parts (stainless steel, aluminum alloy).

a. If there is shorts on plastic parts;

b. If there is rips on metal parts;

c. If there is dents on metal parts

d. If there is sharp points on metal parts

e. If there is burs on both plastic parts and metal parts;

f. If there is deformations on both plastic parts and metal parts;

3. Function Testing: It is the most important factor for power bank, which decides the performance of power bank.

a. If power bank can be charged;

b. If power bank can charge phones;

c. Short circuit protection test;

d. Over current protection test;

e. Over voltage protection test;

f. Cell aging test;

g. Actual battery capacity test;

We know it may be difficult for people to grasp the knowledge mentioned above, but we still hope you can get more about power bank. Also, if you are not ready yet to make the decision on your power bank, please do not hesitate to contact us soon, X-ETEC always supplies excellent power bank with reasonable price to all our customers.


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