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Why Choose X-ETEC

Our Advantages: Key Features Why Clients Worked With Us

•Skilled One Stop Solution Services

For over 10 years in the design, manufacture and supply of consumer electronic products and gadgets, X-ETEC has an impeccable track record. Rich experiences help us to make qualified products at the best possible cost and understand clients’ needs better.

•Quality, Reliability and Integrity

A wealth of expertise combined with a passion for always meeting clients’ requirements, provides us with continued success. This approach drives us to constantly improve our service and create extraordinary bright spot.

•Flexible and Versatile

We manufacture a large cross section of products, and have the flexibility to adapt to individual clients’ systems and requirements. We are also optimized for your low-to mid-volume business, which means we will not shunt your order as a multi-million dollar deal comes along.

•Professional and Capable

We are easy to work with and we work hard to be that way. Anytime, we do not cut corners, but provide a full spectrum of modern electronics manufacturing services. Your assigned program manager will be responsive via phone or email. We are always happy to have conversations with you on product planning and strategy.

•Forward Planning and Traceability

It is very important for both us and clients to deliver goods on time. We take strict measures to ensure that we have complete visibility of current and planned jobs, ensuring each step comply with our standard procedures.


Contact: Randy Long

Phone: 86 13670031794

Tel: 86 755 23212956

Email: randy@x-etec.com

Add: 5th Floor, Building 25, Fenghuang Garden, Fuyong, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. 518103

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